Growth EQ - Executive search to the Technology Sector

Our focus

We specialise in partnering with businesses from the seed stage to Series B, providing experienced senior talent to help them scale and grow.

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This phase in the growth journey represents an inflection point. To navigate this stage successfully, startups must be prepared to experience change – both in terms of culture and mindset. Those who recognise this are the ones most successful in attracting the highest quality talent.

How we help

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We work with startups and scale-ups where agility and speed are key. Our proven search process, efficiency and strategic guidance saves our clients time.

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With twenty years of experience in tech, we know how to create compelling propositions to attract high quality executive candidates from within the sector.

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We have an extensive network to draw upon. So we bring unmatched access to vast and diverse executive talent, reinforced by our longstanding relationships with leading investors and business leaders.

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We have the in-depth knowledge to attract talent to newly defined roles where no prior incumbents can be used as reference points.

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Our robust shortlists focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, helping our clients to unlock the collective brilliance of individuals from all backgrounds.