Deep Understanding of
    the IP-rich Technology

    An extensive network to draw
    upon. Together with nearly
    two decades experience
    partnering with startups,
    SMEs and corporate

    Targeting candidates
    globally, and attracting
    them to UK based

    Driving consensus across
    leadership teams, through
    deep questioning, designed
    to unearth key information
    that results in clearly
    defined talent acquisition

    Delivering robust shortlists
    and validated pipelines of
    talent – with a focus on
    diversity and inclusion.

    Leading successful
    searches for newly
    created roles where no
    ‘pattern match’ exists.

    Working with fast growth
    tech businesses where
    agility and speed are

    Delivering long-lists and
    shortlists that are substantiated
    by thorough candidate
    referencing, market insights
    and analytics – data that the
    client subsequently owns.

    Utilising rigorous
    assessment techniques –
    including personality
    profiling – to accurately
    determine candidates’
    suitability to roles, teams
    and organisations.